1. Stay away from comfort, it’s the enemy disguised as a soft, warm blanket on a Saturday morning.
  2. Stay away from most advice, people often give you advice limited to the extent of their experiences.
  3. Stay away from liars, they’re often the ones that talk the most and sound the most convincing.
  4. Stay away from those that make fun of you. They don’t deserve your presence or time.
  5. Stay away from family members that bring you down or consistently criticize you. Toxic people are toxic.
  6. Stay away from questioning new opportunities. When you are younger, always say yes. New experiences are knowledge.
  7. Stay away from making close friends very easily. You are the average of your five closest friends.
  8. Stay away from purely chasing money. Learn to purely love first, then figure out the finer details on monetization after.
  9. Stay away from those who lack hardship or trauma. Coping mechanisms make for beautiful perspectives and infinite wisdom.
  10. Stay away from relationships for the sake of relationships. Learn to make meaningful sense of yourself first. The rest follows organically.