so history – drunkly short, i have played everything, from golden axe, settlers civilization, diablo, silent hunter, red alert, rattle and roll (Nintendo hard as f***), bf2, kal online, kerbal, starbound, stradew wally, wot, gw2,Eve,POE, elite dangerous, sims, point 2 hospital, taycoon games, assasin creed, action similar games, commandos, robin hood, paperclips, afk arena, and so many more it would be booring foryou to read it…………. basically if you can name it and find a few of your friends that know this game i have played it, by played i mean studies it, found it’s weakness, basically mastered the game philosophy (doesn’t mean i am the best in it..)

i have spend searching of games that are worth to be played more time that most of the people spent time playing games….. and the more time passes the more i am in realization that what i need is a game to played relaxed, basically, i need i game i can play drunk, and sober, from time to time.

my next criteria will be that i will search of a game i can play drunk, and sober ofc, but basically something chill, with enough depth when i needed it, but not really necessary to have in depth knowledge to really enjoy it.

TLDR: after many decades of game search philosophy, i have came to the conclusion that the only thing i need is a game i can play drunk and sober! – keep in mind the TLDR and thee complete post is written in a questionable state of mind!

anyway pick my mind while it’s still fresh!

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