“You learn when you solve, you pause when you repeat the same thing every day”

What is the definition of “Bad Project”? I have asked this question multiple times to myself, while I guess I always had an answer in the most ignored part of my mind. I hid the answer there so that I could go with the flow and enjoy the stability while it was effortlessly killing my ability each day.

It’s always nice to see a fixed amount of money entering into your account every 15 days. You get so used to that routine, that you forget the commas of your knowledge bridge.

So, how do you know if a project is bad?

I have some answers which I have jotted down so that you can act before it is too late.

1. You lose the motivation to go to work

When you wake up every morning with a thought that you should quit, its a Red Flag about the Project.

You may often get bored with work but when you have thoughts about quitting your job, it indirectly states that you don’t even care about the stability or the pay, and wish to simply walk away because you are fed up with that shit show.

2. You doubt your abilities

When you are stuck with Projects that don’t encourage your growth, you start losing the knowledge you already have as well. You cannot learn new skills and you will be lazy enough to use the skills you own as you are aware that the Project is crap and will not take you anywhere in the future. There comes a point where you start questioning your abilities and lose confidence in yourself.

3. You feel physically drained

When your mind is almost asleep, your body is not going to cooperate as well. I can say this because a few years ago I was stuck in a crappy project which wasted 6 months of my life. I was always sick and tired to a point where I got migraine attacks almost every day. My body and mind were almost dead.

I tried every curse and blessing to develop an interest in work but I felt almost useless. There were times I felt maybe its not the Project and its just me who is bored of my current job and I need a change. But that fog of self-doubt was soon cleared when I picked a small project as part-time work. That small project was more interesting, I realized how much I need to catch up again since the knowledge and experience I already had was fading in the process of going with the flow.

4. You feel mentally exhausted and depressed

If you are ambitious, slow and bad projects will consume all the peace of your mind. Let me guess.. Your love life is going smooth, no financial issues, and no serious health issues, you are employed, yet you are constantly depressed. There are high chances your career is not gaining that flight you always wanted. It almost feels like something is holding you back and you cannot figure out the actual cause.

You might need counseling at some point since you will begin losing hold on your personal life as well. This kind of anxiety cannot be compared to the typical “Work Stress” you deal with due to deadlines and demands. This anxiety indicates your helplessness against the Projects in which you constantly fail to develop interest. People who know you will get mad at you for behaving like an insensitive jerk, while you are mad at yourself too.

5. Your performance graph decline

Remember, you are not “Dumb”. Regardless, your performance graph will decline when you don’t find a challenging Project. If you are stuck in a slow project with a blurry future, you are not going to give your 100 percent in it. You will neglect details now and then, you will push others to do your tasks or even skip a few tasks.

You will take more days off and will stay at home all frustrated. One of my colleagues took 3 vacations in one month. I was surprised to see how Pam was constantly trying to escape from work yet she wanted to continue it for stability in life. Although she was not happy, she was doing it to pay her bills and pay for vacations that were not helping her in any way.

One day I got a chance to talk to her and find out about what’s going on. She was a mess. That lady who had more than three recognitions from the Manager was a mess this time. She spoke to me about how slow her project was going on with 70 percent chances of failure in the future. That project was not difficult though, it was not planned correctly. It had too many gaps to cover, Pam was overwhelmed to see its future state. I still remember what she said —

“You learn when you solve, you pause when you repeat the same thing every day”

That day I realized what she was going through. She was almost forgetting her prior experience and knowledge. She was anxious, frustrated and helpless. After giving it a thought, I asked her to quit the Project. I know it was not easy but she needed that escape.

So do you… Stability at the cost of Depression and poor performance?

That doesn’t sound like a good deal.

I am sure you fear the instability or the financial crisis that will push you more into frustration, but if you ever sense the signs of a bad project, start looking for new projects and work on the skills mentioned in the project requirements so that you successfully crack the barriers and quit your boring project with a happy face.

So….How is your Project treating you?

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