My parents had me younger than the age I am now. My mother from a family of abusive poly-addicts. My father from a rich family soon to go bankrupt and lose everything.

My mother though unfit was awarded full custody of me when my parents broke up for the last time when I was 2, 3? Growing up we lived in and out of Brunswick, GA and Jacksonville, Fl. She would only move back to Brunswick to be with here on/off abusive boyfriend, who caused her a miscarriage via beating. We lived in poverty in GA but in FL we lived in hell. At one point we stayed in a 2 bedroom house with 4 entire families. Jacksonville the murder capitol of FL it was hard for me to do literally anything. I was physically abused growing up which I didn’t actually comprehend at the time. I had intense exposure to drugs like meth, bath salts, weed, and coke. I had no friends growing up and for fun I would bust windows and steal from houses, i liked stealing in general, not only was it fun but it got me whatever I needed. I didn’t assess this as the product of my environment but rather what I enjoyed. School was tough in Jacksonville I was jumped many times as 1 of 4 white boys at my school I felt what it’s like to be the minority I would show up maybe once every two weeks until I got “home schooled” for a while. I had nearly no supervision or guidance growing up besides my grandmother who i didn’t see frequently.

When I was 13 my dad graduated college as a doctor of pharmacy and when he moved to Brunswick I convinced my mom to move back slowly I started spending more time with my father who I’d never really known. One thing about him he’s an asshole he’s successful thus he thinks he’s absolutely superior. Shortly after he moved back he bought a house, no ordinary house, then opened a pharmacy, in my city he’s pretty famous through marketing and media, he’s a personality here.

Once I got to see money and had a more stable life my childhood began to hit me as someone with ADHD I’m more susceptible to mental illness (depression, general anxiety, social anxiety) but I’m currently improving.

I love talking about my life and won’t spare anything so ask away.

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