ive heard a lot of people express opinions similar to this and i have to hard disagree. i understand what you mean though. honestly, if you havent transitioned and are still perceived as a girl, it can definitely look/feel like “being straight with extra steps”. as you go through the world as a more “passing” (trans) man, you eventually get accustomed to being treated like any cis man would.

in my personal experience, as a trans guy who is well into transitioning, (been on testosterone for almost 3 years and undergone top surgery) i am treated exactly like a cis gay man. i never get clocked for being trans & i pass very well. i have a boyfriend and everyone always assumes we are a cis gay couple. a lot of times people argue that trans men cant be gay because its “appropriating” the experiences of cis gay men, but after transitioning i have had exactly the same experiences. granted, sometimes i feel alienated from gay male spaces because they are targeted towards cis gay men, but overall i have become very acclimated to life as a gay man through socialization.

also just a quick end note, you dont have to medically transition to be trans- this is just my personal experience

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