Good questions – For clarification I am not lgbt myself, but I do fully support their rights. The military one is tough cause I can see it both ways, I think everyone should be able to serve their country, but I think to some extent sending some people out can be exploitation. Remember that the military isnt just test drills, they go to war and they die, I want to stick up for lgbt but I cant help but agree that some people just shouldn’t be thrown into that :/ War isnt a game.

I agree that Mike pence has a bad history of lgbt support, but so does hilary Clinton, even obama who I loved and supported was anti lgbt when he started. People change, I support the people who change. And regarding trump he has always supported lgbt, I really appreciate that he supported LGBT before it was the politically correct thing to do. He even attended Elton John’s wedding and called them a fine couple. He supported LGBT while hilary Clinton was still opposing same sex marriage. Sure she supports them now, but only because she wants their support.

I agree not entering the green deal was bs, but I also have issues with the green deal its self, I dont think it’s very effective to begin with even if he agreed to it

All good, I appreciate the dialog 🙂

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