im an 18 male, I’m still in highschool, and I’m a pedophile but I dont let that get in the way of my life. I think I’ve finally accepted the fact that I am a low-key pedophile. I say low-key because i also find girls my own age attractive as well. just along side children. and I think iv finally stopped hating myself for it. and I’m ready to clarify any questions you have. misinformation is bad, and people dont really have a chance to ask controversial questions about this stuff. so ask away and I shall try to answer.

and if you hate me for simple existing and having some thoughts I can’t control before you get to know me as a person, please and kindly fuck off. nobody cares about you.

comon questions

Q – did any traumatic event happen in you life

A – no. I lived a pretty good life so far with no past trauma

Q – are you seeking some form of help

A – no. truth be told I’m afraid to get help because most therapists are mandated reporters and if they feel a child is in danger I will get reported. witch would ruin my life

Q – you should get help befor you do something

A – I don’t have control issues, or emotional issues. the two dont come hand and hand. in fact most child molesters are not even pedophiles. now I’m not defending pedophilia hear, all I’m saying is that it dosent put people at a higher risk for becoming a sex offender.

Q – has this ever effected a relationship?

A – if never been in a relationship. so idk. I hope not.

Q – when did you start liking children?

A – the answer is iv allwaysed liked children. it’s not like I woke up one morning and poof, I like kids. when I was a young teen, like 13 or whatever, i found girls my age attractive. as one would do. but I just never grew out of it. I thought as I got older I’d grow out of liking these young children, but it just never stopped. and now that j realised this I stated finding even younger children attractive. so I guess to sumerise a long expiration, if allwaysed liked them ever since I started liking girls.

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