I like that he says what he thinks even if others may not like it, and it makes me feel like he isn’t just saying something everybody wants to hear and doing something entirely different behind closed doors.

As far as policy I like that he is working on lowering regulations, I like what he is doing for veterans, I like that he supports law and order even when it’s not popular, I like the funding he has gotten for black colleges, I love the fact that he is pulling troops back to America instead of starting more wars, I like that he is renegotiating some bad deals that take advantage of us like nafta and worked to get the USMCA passed as well, I like that he doesn’t take a salary as he considers it a civic duty, I like that if he doesn’t like the job someone is doing he had no problem firing them, I like that his policies are not racist (unlike can be said for the left), I like that he is not an apologist for America and is only focused on the future, and I love what success he has had with the economy before the pandemic, I like the economic bounce back we are seeing despite all the things that are going on at the moment, I like the judges he has appointed, I like the companies coming back to America instead of moving away, I like the focus on manufacturing our own goods, I like the building up of our military, I like the terriffs he has put on China to protect our intellectual property as well as his attempt to hammer out a killer trading deal with them (which granted may not work anymore as he blames them for this pandemic), I like that he is focused on opening our economy rather than giving in to everybody, I like that he will secure the border, and a lot of other stuff I probably can’t think of at the moment, but most of all I love the fact that he gets it all done with constantly being attacked personally, and the toughness he has to make it all happen no matter what.

I do not like that he is on twitter and he randomly says things that I don’t agree with, but when I focus on his policies and what he has actually done none of that weird stuff has actually come to fruition.

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