My dad turned down the water heater temperature on the boiler because he thought the gas bill was too high. The shower water would only get lukewarm, part of his strategy to make us take shorter showers too. I was miserable.

I went into the basement at night and turned the water heating temperature as high as it would go. The next day, when I came home from school, the heater had exploded, wrecking part of the house and flooding the basement. They probably spent thousands on the cleanup and repair. My dad blames himself for changing the boiler temperature. We have a new boiler now. I don’t feel guilty. Hot water feels nice.

Edit: My dad is not an easygoing guy. He’d most likely lose his shit and demand me to pay him back for the damages if I did reveal 14yo me caused the boiler to explode. He also owes me 11K he stole out of my bank account while I was away in the army. Sorry. No wholesome ending :/