I’m normally a pretty high preforming student, I’m taking all the hardest classes my ib High school has, but when I studied and got a c on an easy test, I easily could’ve done better but the retest was so much harder then the first test that I took, and I eventually gave up and just didn’t do it. Anyway I haven’t told my parents yet because they’ll a be upset because I didn’t do well, and b I also didn’t do well on the retest (I love my parents they’re not mean or anything) but it’s not just that, but because of both extracurriculars and school work, I’m starting to lose all of my motivation to do what’s necessary to maintain good grades. I’m a junior and as long as I maintain my grades Ill be fine but I don’t have any will to do it. I’m starting to procrastinate much more then I used to, and I don’t want to study or do an assignment. Sorry for it being long but I’m losing my will to do well in school. Thanks for reading this rant if you did. I just want to play video games but on weekends I have swim practice and lots of work to do instead, I really want to quit, but the seasons almost over, there’s so many things I don’t want to do right now (edit: swim practice is every day except Sunday, 2 hours long and some mornings we have morning practice)