I hate reddit culture and the actions of most people posting. The only reason I use it is for a handful of communities that I steal info from and this sub which i have had really good conversations in. I am going to list my issues ask me anything about them.

1 I hate when people go edit #1: grammar edit #2 a word. Sure if it is a serious discussion and you are adjusting a point you made, or you are addressing a common rebuttal, question or comment i have no issue. But if you are just fixing spelling or grammar who needs to know.

2 people who say ‘thanks kind stranger for this award’. Now idk is the awards are anonymous or not but if you dont know just say nothing, if you do know pm them or make the edit unique the constant repetition is annoying.

3 another repetitions is when cunts say ‘obligatory thanks’ thats just makes you sound like a cunt

4 like whore annoy me but they are the same as a loud kid in school just ignore/block them. The cunts that repeat ‘internet points dododod’ or ‘like whore dodododo’ just pisses me off. And yes I know this complaint is the same as what I complained about

5 complaints about petty shit like ‘upvote button changed’

6 i hate the eco chamber these places create for any view, its the same as any online circle but it is really bad here, it might be just cause i can put up with cunts bitching then I can cunts being actual cunts

7 reddit is really just where people who hate social media go cause they hate social media and think this is so different. Ignoring that insta, twitter, facebook, snapchat and then other ones are all different enough to each other as reddit is different to them.

8 depression and suicide jokes that are just repetition and not creative. But i do blame that partial on gen z and y being generations I hate and love souly cause gen y was an example to half of gen z on what not to do

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