You don’t really know much about the XX century history, do you?

You’re trying to make excuses for what happened in the USSR by blaming it on Stalin’s cult of personality perversion of the original Marxist doctrine. That wasn’t real Marxism and if Lenin had lived, the promised utopia would have been delivered, right?

Well, no. Because in every country in the world where that doctrine was implemented (USRR, China, Cambodia, etc.), exactly the same thing happened every time, and we still have an example of that in North Korea, where 70+ years of barbaric communist despotic rule left the country unidustrialized, with people malnourished or starving to death, and the rest living in an absolute terror all the time, and where there’s nothing but the continual production of labor in labor camps, just like in the USSR and China under the rule of Mao.

Marxism/communism has no intellectual or ethical integrity whatsoever, and the horrifying consequences of this particular ideology are well-documented.

You’re completely clueless at this point. But you’re only 14, so there’s still hope for you. Go read and educate yourself before you motivate others to study.

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