I’ll try to be as clear as possible.

Couple weeks before that, I found out about these parlors and their happy endings, and curiouity killed the cat. I did some research online about where I can find some in my town,aka the website rubmaps. I should also mention I did tons of research on to tell if a parlor gives happy endings. I saw a parlor not too far from me, so I decided to head there Friday night. I walk in a bit nervous not knowing what to expect, and I see I have to ring a doorbell. good, that’s a sign it’s a happy parlor. An old Asian woman comes out, greets me, and leads me to a room. On the way to the room, I knew I struck gold when I literally saw a sign that say”happy” I shit you not. When I get in the room, I remember from research that your supposed to undress and act like you know what your doing, like you have been through this before. After 10 min, a sexy asian chick wearing a onesie walks in says “ooooh” after seeing my dick. She slapped me on the ass, got the massage table ready, then says “money first” I give her the $60 for the half hour massage. She leaves the room to give it to the owner, then returns and starts undressing right away. Then she says ” give me the tip money baby” I said how much is it? She says 140, and at the time I actually had 120, which I told her and she said was okay. I gave her the cash, she put it in a drawer. She took out a condom, put it on me and started sucking. After 15 min, I said that we should fuck. She stopped sucking and gave me a dirty look. Not like she was pissed, it was in a goofy way. She went to get some lotion or whatever that shit was, and the rest was history

Let me know if anything was unclear.

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