Hi everyone,

To begin with, I am from Russia, People in this country mostly hate or don’t like gays, trans and etc.(except lesbians(just a cool fact)) Today I came to the hotel and the first thing what I was doing, was searching for nice massage. I found a right spot(in my thoughts..). A girl came to me and adjusted massage with happy ending but I said to her that I don’t need that shit and I want to fuck. She was tall with beautiful silicone boobs. I was surprised that I found such a hot girl, I thought I am the luckiest guy(I was so dumb when I thought this). Anyway, she said that it’s fine to fuck for 1000. We went upstairs and she did a massage to me. After everything, she became topless but she didn’t take of her panties. She began to lick my balls and suck my dick, after that we began to fuck in a strange way… She was riding my dick with panties and skirt on her. Moreover, at the beginning of fucking I saw her eyes when I drilled her asshole, it was so small that I could feel it. During the process I asked her a lot of times to show her horny pussy. Her answer was:”I am too shy… :3″. Furthermore, I decided to check that out by myself. As a result, I touched his dick. We stopped for a seconds and I asked “WTF DUDE?!?!?” He said that he identifies his self as a woman but I don’t care about that shit, I was abused by fucking trans, omg. Sorry if I am to harsh with it, but it’s really shocking me, especially I am Russian and if somebody from there will know about this – my life will over. Ask me anything u want, I will answer it as a confession

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