(I live in Germany, please don’t judge my spelling)I have autism and social anxiety.

After joining secondary school I had trouble finding any friends for years, but had a good relationship with my teachers, that helped me very much.

I hated how everyone else could find a group in a few seconds, because they had friends to team up with. Because the number of students was often uneven, I was often alone in group works or had to be assigned to a random group. I was sick of it.

But I could convince my teachers to assign the groups more often herself instead let the students finding groups, so I don’t had to find a group.


I came into great 10 this year and a new classmate joined the class. I offered introducing him to the school and did so. I had many good talks with him within the first days.

We became close friends and after a few months, we now meat each other every few weekends outside school and had many sleepovers already.
We are basically inseparably.

We sit together in class since moths, love working together and hate being separated for a task.


I realized that I brought my teachers to separate friends in group works for years just because I had no one to group up and had no idea how hard it is being separated from a close Friend.

I feel so sorry…