There’s a few inconsistencies I’m confused about, if you’d be able to clear them up for me?

  1. You mention your mother and her recently cooking for you, all news reports state that Adi lost his mother at aged 4.

  2. Your kidnappers got life in prison. News report state they received varied punishments of 9-10 years.

  3. Your two fingers were cut off on a chopping board. Court reports show that one was cut off first, with anesthetic, and some time later another was removed with none, but they werent done together on a chopping block.

  4. You were kidnapped from a gift shop and followed your accused to an apartment. News also states that Adi and his father were both kidnapped at the same time, together, but his father was released after a day. They were both kidnapped togther by being forced into an awaiting vehicle.

  5. They demanded 1000000 USD. The first estimated ransom was 8 million, it was only put down to 1 mil over time.

  6. You state that you were kidnapped because you were dressed in expensive clothes and your accused knew your family had money. Reports state that Adi was kidnapped as his father owed the Vitaev family money and it was retribution to try extort payment. Adi and his family were working middle class, not rich and affluent.

  7. You were kept in a small basement. Adi was initially kept in a relatively well lit office before being transported to an empty shack.The accused demanded “transport fees” from the family to move Adi.

You’ve mentioned a few times that you were alone and led away looking for your family, but all the reports of the incident state that both you and your father were taken together.

  1. You state you’re from Russia. Adi and his family are from Georgia and were not visiting relatives, but were there for his father’s business.


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