With recent news that the UK government are introducing new immigration rules and being able to speak/read/write English being a requirement. I see people on Twitter (what a surprise) making a big stinker out of it saying it’s racist, anyone should have the rights to come over and speak in their native language etc. If you move to the UK and your native language is not English then the home office should have every right to reject your application. How do you expect to “survive” social interactions with other people if you are not able to communicate in that language? I find it mega disrespectful when people approach me and try to communicate with their lack of vocabulary in English.

If you are learning whenever if it’s done by self taught or studying at school, college etc then fair play to you!


Thank you for the unexpected gold whoever you are! I admit that I have used some poor choice of wording on this post but I won’t edit it. I’ll leave it as it and let you come to your own conclusion. You are welcome agree, disagree, explain your side of things. Using buzzwords such as racist, bigot, facist or nazi is only making your statement/argument weaker. If you don’t agree, then say it. No need to use buzzword.

I’ve been asked about other way around Brits that have lived in Span or France etc for many years and not learned how to speak Spanish/French and my opinion on that hasn’t changed either. Just as annoying for the natives.

I don’t have a problem with people coming over for whatever means if you want to work, live a better life then at least learn! Don’t just come over and not put any effort into learning. Adapt yourself!

Thank you for all the response, it’s interesting to read it all from different perspectives.