I’m in an absolute rage at the moment so this might be a bit of an essay. Just looking to figure out ways to fuck with this guy that beat my dad up a year ago.

I live in the UK but my dad and the asshole who beat him up live in a rural area in Latvia.
I haven’t seen my dad in a while and only now he told me this guy and his mates beat him up about a year ago.

For context, my dad and the asshole live in a small block of 8 flats in the middle of nowhere, Latvia. He was coming home from a party a little bit drunk but and this guy and his mates jumped him outside the house. My dad is a kind and sweet person,never aggressive so I believe he wouldn’t ever start any shit. They said they were beating him up “on principle” whatever that means. He’s an artist,has traveled the world, knows 5 languages and thinks differently than the racist sexist country bumpkins so they’ve always disliked him.

Anyways, the police were called,he got away with a mild concussion and a few days off of work and says he doesn’t have any lingering health issues.

Dad has sued the dickwad for an amount of money but I want to make this guys life as miserable as humanly possible and make him get karma for being an absolute piece of human garbage. He’s got a wife and two kids but as long as I’ve known he’s always been a shit dad,drinking, mild animal abuse towards his dog, fighting people etc.

My dad lives with my grandma and grandpa in the house atm so it has to be something that won’t backfire onto my grandparents as they live there permanently.

I only know his address and i don’t think him or his wife are on Facebook.

Please help me get my revenge.