A year ago i moved into a nice apartment, except for the people living directly below me are the absolute worst.
They play loud music at least 3 times a week, starting 11pm and sometimes going til 4am. Other times they also play it at 2-4pm and keep going till whenever. Just to put you in perspective i had my water bottle sitting on my coffee table and the water was vibrating to the beat, that’s how loud it gets!
I personally spoke to them (actually when i go down to their floor, i can hear the music in the entire floor!), i called building security, i told building management, and i called the cops twice. Nothing changed. I bought a nodeMCU and i occasionally cut off their wifi but they have the music downloaded :/
I stuck it out for a year and now that im moving out in the next couple of weeks i wanna make sure i make their lives a living hell before i leave. I dont wanna play loud music back at them mainly because i dont wanna disturb other people living here.

Bring on your suggestions!