Ooh, this is a fun one.

I have two sister, a mum and a dad.

My first sister (the middle child) found out after borrowing my ipod years ago when I was around 10, and seeing pictures of boys on it. Nothing inappropriate, just cute boys.

My oldest sister (half sister) I told on a car ride and she was a little shocked but ultimately very supportive.

I ended up telling my mum and dad at the same time.

My mums reaction was pretty much “cool”, she doesn’t care who I love as long as I’m happy.

My dad was kinda the same, but he is usually unpredictable, which is why it took so long to tell him, but when I told him that was my reason he got defensive, and it kinda ruined the ‘your son came out as gay’ mood.

Overall though, pretty positive reaction.

I still have yet to tell my grandparents and the rest of my relatives on my dads side other than one of my nans (thanks to the middle sister). I’m more scared of telling my grandparents, can never tell what they’re thinking

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