Does being a furry always have a sexual connotation? -> Many people tend to think that being a furry means that someone has a weird fetish when in reality just a few furries are actually into ‘that’ kind of stuff.

Is furry considered part of LGBT+? -> Furries are people who like anthropomorphic animals (not in a sexual way) and most furries don’t even have fursuits (the costumes). A big part of the fandom actually is a member of the LGBT+ community though.

If not, does that make the costumed characters at Disney and the sports mascots furries? -> Technically, yes. They’re anthropomorphic animals and therefore considered furries.

Is it like dressing up as a cosplay character? -> It is! It’s practically like cosplaying as your own character.

Is it insanely hot in the outfit? -> It depends on the kind of fursuit (partial or full), but it tends to get really hot.

What animal do you dress as? -> My character is a blue canine, but I can’t really specify it.

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