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I don’t even know how to start… I’m 18 years old and I live in Russia. Russia is a very homophobic country. And when I say “very homophobic country”, I mean a VERY homophobic country. Even our president (Putin) is homophobic. Gay rights in Russia are not taken into account. Not only do gay men in Russia have no right to marry, but they also have no right to live happily. Absolutely!

Read the story of how a gay couple who adopted two children was interrogated in Moscow and threatened with prison. They were charged with gay propaganda aimed at young children. Children told reporters and police that they live happily and love their dads. In the Investigative Committee of Russia, this did not bother anyone. Thank goodness the family now lives in Seattle and they’re happy.

In some regions of Russia, such as Chechnya and Dagestan, cases of torture of gays in prisons and murders of people simply because they’re gay are known. The country’s leadership denies all this.

There was a social experiment aimed at looking at how people relate to gays on the street. Just have a look! Unfortunately, there are no English subtitles. But I’ll just say that two men just go and hold hands. And this is enough so that passers-by begin to look at them contemptuously, calling them ‘f*ggots’, ‘a*sholes’, ‘f*cking gays’, ‘freaks’, etc.

Gays in Russia live in constant fear for themselves, for their relatives, for their friends. For everyone who connects with them. In such an atmosphere of fear, I live my entire conscious age. I have gay acquaintances who have been beaten and who have been bullied in schools. My boyfriend can’t buy makeup to care for his face because ‘You’re not a f*ggot’ like his father says.

My father is a US citizen. I live with my mom, brother and sister in Russia. Unfortunately, neither my father nor my family has enough money and opportunities to transfer me to live in the USA. I don’t see a bright future in Russia for myself. I will save up money (I don’t know how long, but I will) to move there (or maybe some country in Europa).

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