Well, in order:

Non-binary is someone who doesn’t fit into the gender binary that we are prescribed at birth. So, for example, someone who is genderfluid could be described as non-binary, as well as someone who is agendered. For me, I subscribe more to agender.

Androsexual means someone who is attracted to people with male sex organs. However, as previously mentioned in a different post, it can also mean someone who is attracted to male presenting people.

Prejudice is strange for me. When I was in high school, I identified as gay and I definitely got bullied for it. But as a college student, I’ve embraced my full sexuality and it’s been easier. That might also be due to the fact that I go to college in a more progressive area.

The labels allow me to express my true self without holding back. Men and women have such strict gender roles in society, to the point were expression outside of these roles is often seen as wrong. By being non-binary, I allow myself to express my true being free of judgement for breaking gender roles. Also, I never really felt like belonged as a male in my older life.

Androsexual came with the non-binary identity a bit. I feel like I can’t be gay if I’m not male-identifying. So, Androsexual covers my sexuality the best outside of gender.

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