In the past seven months I’ve lost twenty kilos and went from chubby (almost obese) to really fit looking. the gradual transformation has gotten me a lot of compliments, attention, and admiration from people around me. I’ve especially gotten questions about how to do it. People frequently ask for tips and even copy my diets (that are really just foods i prefer). I just tell them its consistency in exercise and diet with a smile. I want to push people to lose weight when they’re fat and encourage healthy lifestyle changes because it really helps. I talk about all the benefits and how good it feels.

What I don’t tell anyone is that the first few months were the worst, and how self conscious, anxious and borderline ED weight loss has made me. I’ve gone through a rollercoaster of hating my body and wanting to puke out binges I’ve had. I don’t tell them the compliments keep my narcissistic side happy but still never satisfied. Basically, weight loss makes me an emotional wreck and I understand why people stop halfway. It’s hard work. I am working my way to a healthier mentality, but I don’t want to tell people the hard side of weight loss cause it discourages them and I honestly hate people that make excuses. I feel like if I tell them it’s hard they’ll use it as an excuse to be lazy bums forever. In addition to that, I really hate Fat acceptance movements and health at every size cause it feels like people promoting mediocrity and not putting effort to change for the better. I don’t pressure people to lose weight, but if you’re reaching obese and complain that you want to lose weight like me, put some effort in your actions (Sincerely, good luck though, coming from an ahole like me)