Okay, so I’ve been a teacher for a few years now and honestly, I’ve seen lots of teens wearing “unacceptable” outfits and I’ve never(ish) done anything about it.

Basically, my confession is that I don’t follow my school’s clothing rules. I should. I mean, some teachers point out how some other teachers (I’m not the only one) don’t do anything about “bad” outfits and that it’s bad for the school’s reputation and credibility.

Look, I’m won’t tell a 16 y/o to go change pants because she has holes showing a bit of her tighs or I won’t tell her that her top is a bit too short. I mean damn, who freaking cares?

If I would see someone come in in underwears or something too innapropriate, I’d do something (and I have in the past), but most of the time, I pretend like I don’t notice.