Sometimes like everyone else, and sometimes like something I’m not. I live in an area that is dense with a Puerto Rican and Brazilian population. So people usually assume that I am what they are and proceed to speak to me in spanish. Only to be confused and sometime outraged. Or embarrassed when I dont understand them. This is about 80% the case when I take an uber or a cab. Prompting them to aggressively ask what I am. I’m not really accepted by black people as being in thier community and I’m not exactly accepted by white people either as being a part , you can feel it. I dont look enough like one or the other so if its non verbal i know I present as latin decent to people who dont have a close biracial person in thier life or who isnt biracial themselves. It depends on who I’m around and the larger sum of brown people people will assume I’m that. Cultural festivals.. people think I’m a mix of whatever festival it is. I’ve heard , I dont even consider you black, from white people. Or you dont act black. Or you’re not really black. And from black people, well they are , as I age, becoming more comfortable at accepting me but barely.when I say what I am as I’m often asked, I usually get the look as if I’m trying to get some street cred or something, ots a wierd feeling. I read comments on videos of mixed hair care of dark skinned women berating light skinned women thinking that we are better or have advantages, which I’m sure I do. But the pure hatred is ridiculous. I see things online about how mixed women should be shunned because they secretly feel superior. Hahaha that’s pretty hard to feel when noone looks at you as what you are, since most people have and identity that is reinforced in the people around them or they present as obviously what they are, you dont feel it. I was adopted when I was 8, by white people with my brother and my parents always said I wasnt actually black or that I was other things they assume.. what my parents were and would go back and forth thru out my life saying I was half black and that I wasnt ot that I w as sent black enough to say it. . When I apposed, i was racially sensitive. Thanks 23 and me, i am exactly what I thought I was. My father looks West African in color.
My mother looks Norse and French. I had known them prior to adoption.. I still havent told my parents the results.

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