I agree with him on policy. For example, immigration. I have nothing against LEGAL immigration, but when you cross the border illegally and then make use of government services meant for Americans, I find that offensive and very disrespectful.

I also appreciate what he’s done regarding tax cuts and trying to help people get off of food stamps/assistance programs and be able to support themselves independently. I’m mixed black and white, and with the black unemployment rate in particular being the lowest it’s ever been in history, among other racial minority groups, that’s something that hits close to home for me personally.

The impeachment trial was a massive waste of time and went nowhere as they had nothing to use against him and the fact that they’re planning even more seems ridiculous to me.

As for future candidates, I’ll definitely do the research when the time comes. I could vote for a democratic candidate if they had their shit together, but the way the party is now, there’s not a chance.

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