I’m just really quickly dive into some of the details of my predicament. But, I will not state the name of the gang No names of people within the gang I will not provide vivid details about my life. There’s a reason my account is anonymous.

I’ve been in a gang all my life. I was gang affiliated by my brother, who has a somewhat higher ranking in the gang. For me it was never really a choice. I just know that I had to join or we had to face the consequences. Yes, we do have our rivals and allies. You can compare the war between us and our rival to a race war. Cuz we are a hispanic gang and our rival is a black gang. Right now at the moment we are growing. Expanding our territories through our new recruits. There’s really not that much to say. We’re eventually going to grow into one of the major players and wipe out our biggest rival off the map.

My personal life sucks. I don’t like to refer to fellow homies to “members of our gang” because they’re not. They are family. They’re always going to be there for us. You can usually find me with my brother, since I always hang out with him. I usually smoke weed on a daily basis with my brother, I vape, but that’s just when I’m bored and want to feel something. I like geomentry and all kinds of math. I like going to school to learn new things every time. I made the honor roll again this year, yay. I dont drink alot. That’s just reserved for sad times or whenever I get bored. But anyways that’s just me. It ain’t really that much to it, you feel me?

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