I don’t structure my page around partisan politics, but have been focusing on encouraging people to support politicians who are not going to brown nose Trump. Even if he gets reelected and we have him for another term, having an elected national Congress and state and local politicians who work for the good of their constituents and not the good of Trump feels like a victory. Part of “Stop Trump” is combating the overall political landscape he’s created, not just removing him from office. That being said, if the impeachment process fails, then the Democrats will have a tough time taking the presidency if they remain as divided as they are now. I do not consider myself an expert in political science or history, but I know enough to know that any political party that enters a presidential election with a rift down the middle has had a historical tendency to lose – and the Republicans are smart enough to know this. That’s why they’ve stood by him, even when they may not approve of him personally. For this reason, I simply encourage people to vote for politicians who will think of what’s best for their constituents, not their careers.

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