I say this as a Millennial.

What made me crack today was a post on the frontpage of reddit. Some real happy tweet saying, hey, maybe we should focus on getting hobbies again! Not everything needs to be commodified or turned into a “hustle”, just do things for fun! What a positive message, I thought. I’ll go in and get some more good vibes! Nope. All the top comments are giant circlejerks about how HOBBIES ARE *LITRHUHHLLLY* impossible to have as a Millennial in 2020 because we just have zero time at all and are paid so little we *can’t.* Of course all these people have hundreds of thousands of Reddit Karma and post dozens of times *every day* — but yeah, no time or money to do basic hobbies, better circlejerk about how miserable our lives are.

You’ve seen these posts, I’m sure. Can’t buy diamonds, we can barely survive, Susan! Can’t have kids or save to buy a home, we are *litruhlly* too poor to even look in the direction of a home. [Just](https://i.chzbgr.com/full/9201258240/h98EF34E4/no-money-you-cant-afford-anything-the-board-is-on-fire-for-some-reason-and-everything-is-your-fault) constant [self-flagellation](https://i.chzbgr.com/full/9279685632/h16356E58/) and [whining.](https://www.degeneratemillennials.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/tweet-1.png) Never mind the [constant victim complex.](https://www.degeneratemillennials.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/tweet-6.png) You’ve all seen dozens if not hundreds of posts like this.

Oh my god it’s getting so goddamn tiring. These are the most soulless, fun-sucking, miserable losers I’ve ever seen. Every major sub is infested with them. Nothing is their fault and their life sucks because of literally everyone besides themselves, and boy do we *constantly* need to be reminded about it. We get it, real wages have stagnated the past few decades, student loans are going up, etc. Holy shit though, if I have to see one more post performatively lashing themselves about how miserable their life is I’m going to crack.