I’m a guy, student, in my early twenties Most girls were aged 18-25 A dozen threesomes (all FFM), one FFFM No hookers, no prostitutes


So people have been saying I’m lying or trolling, I’m really not

I live in an European city that’s nationally renowned for being a huge undergraduating student cluster

I’m okay good looking, 6 feet 2 but my tinder pics are honestly great (+99 match in the little yellow counter in a day, even tho girls get this in literally 2min)

I basically tell girls I’m only looking for hookups, they come directly to my place and we bang as expected, nothing else to it really. Some girls are just looking for anonymous one night stands and I basically give them that. I have a flat in a really nice neighborhood and I know how to text pretty well

I’ve been told I should host a PUA blog or something but I hate this community, I just enjoy doing it all for myself, no strings whatsoever attached

I can give a couple tips on here if you’d like to, I’ll probably delete this post in a day or two, not much into reddit anyway

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