Me (30f) and My partner (48m) have been together for almost 4 years.

He got his balls cutt off mainly bc he doesnt want any kids and to keep all of his hair. (He has a full set of amazing silver hair and has zero hair everywhere else)

He gets hard (90% of time time) quickly, wakes up with a boner often. Once every few months he gets a special shot in his butt from his doctor which helps him get hard faster when he slows down. (I prefer he doesnt get that shot). He orgasms instead of cums. (Sometimes he cums too quickly)

He never ever smells bad !!

I love it !!!! Cant imagine being with somone with balls and sperms.. I dont need to put any chemicals or foreign objects in my body for contraceptive.

I am the one who usually initiate sex, but at this point its just an inside joke bc naturally im more hornier than him.

Will answer all your questions 🙂 Hopefully i dont have any misspellings, english is not my first language.

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