i am not talking about masturbation, which is very normal. i even think watching porn occasionally isn’t terrible. i’m not talking about that. i’m ready to get some negative karma so here we go.

porn is everywhere, to the point where people don’t know the difference between what is real or fake. it’s sad that it is the main source of sexual education for most young men and women. AND it’s so easy to get hooked on the short dopamine high without the oxytocin production you get from orgasming with a partner. porn is so incredibly accessible since tweens now were born with phones in their hands especially in the era of facetune and surgeries.
buttholes arent always pink and shaved. penises aren’t always longer than 7”. boobs aren’t always even and perky. pornstars and shaven and airbrushed to perfection with makeup, they don’t look like that in their natural state.

being in a relationship and still watching porn every other night, looking at other men or women and pleasuring yourself to them is wrong and disloyal. i am not comfortable with my partner looking at porn especially since he has plenty of our material to work with. if porn doesn’t pass your personal boundaries for a relationship, that’s not my business and i don’t care what yall do. this is my opinion and my personal boundaries.