React Native is the best open-source framework for Mobile App Developers that proved to be an advanced platform. Developed and promoted by Facebook, React Native became the most leading platform in the market. It can deliver apps on any platform with excellent performance and reliability. The ultimate aim of React Native is to cut down the reliance on web technologies like HTML and boost more dependence on native app development.

Upgrades are all about exciting features from the old version. We update our mobile applications regularly to check the new features in different apps. Comparing to the 0.59 version, React Native 0.6 update has some great features in the list that will make the react native app development process quite smoother and easier.

For each reacts native developer, all the improvements play a crucial role, so we’ve drafted some exciting features that will make the process quite simple.

Auto-linking for iOS and Android

Previously, developers were choosing specific libraries or a complete platform (Android or iOS) for native app development. But now, auto-linking is here to ease your burden! In the 0.60 version, you’ll be getting an auto-linking feature that will allow you to directly link the app to any platform by adding some codes.

Android X+ React 0.60

One of the most popular reasons for creating Android apps via React Native is trouble-free migration for Android libraries. And in the 0.60 version, its new feature allows developers to migrate the Android Extension Library (Android X) effortlessly. With this enhancement, many developers will take a sigh of relief as it is an excellent feature for developing cross-platform apps in Android.

One can reap the benefits of improved Jetifier tools that boast some outstanding liabilities and quick fixes for Android X transitions. This will transform the adding node, accessibility, and modules for Android X.

Improved accessibility

Improvements in quality for react based libraries and APIs have been accomplished in the form of accessibility. You could see various reductions in motions and accessibility that significantly help the iOS operating system. Furthermore, new updates provide web assistance for API that enables developers to amalgamate platform-specific APIs. To simply put across, the iOS app development process will become more comfortable with the new

React Native 0.60 update.

One of the fantastic features that will lead to precise coding and quick response for React Native developers is the excellent keyboard navigation. It will enable developers to take immediate action on click call back and clickable post. This is quite similar to Undo & Redo for decreasing coding errors.

Innovative CocoaPods for iOS projects

One of the most requested features by the React Native community. The compatible CocoaPods is the need of the hour and React Native 0.60 brings that too in the attention. More so, app-level manager dependency is also enhanced in the form of CocoaPods. It offers extreme compatibility for iOS along with Swift CocoaPads and Objective-C. Even working with the Xcode project is also improved and has become easier with internal packages.

The updates in Xcode capability enable developers to detect troubleshoot issues concerning iOS app development with safety patches of React Native 0.60. With this improvement, React Native 0.60 will surely become the number one choice across the developers who develop cross-platform applications.

Intriguing Home Screen UI

React Native 0.60 has not only introduced core functionalities, but even the design of this open-source platform is changed. The all-new UI “Hello World” looks very promising as it includes the adding, editing App.js, debug menu, documentation linkage and how to use the guide at home screen, hence, making navigation quite easy. A new start screen looks beautiful due to its simple design. Any newbie can easily understand all the features of the updated version of React Native 0.60.

Required withdrawals

As we know the update version is meant to be the addition of new features to enhance the performance. But it also withdraws lean core too in the all-new React Native 0.60! React Native has removed geolocation that used to assist apps in following app guidelines.

And the most required removals by developers were the Haste. This module system import modules through global ids that consider as conditions of React Native. Removal of Haste will ultimately give developers the freedom of accessing any browsers and many third-party tools.

Upgraded helper

Finally, React Native 0.60 has also introduced the new Upgrade Helper Tool which is a very simple tool that will help developers in upgrading their React Native library to the latest version quickly. It will also assist developers in keeping speed with many customization options and significant changes while upgrading the React Native version. It works as a handy tool that assists to keep track of all changes that happen when upgrading to React Native 0.60.

React Native 0.60 will boom in the market like never before. This time Facebook has done a remarkable job and taken the feedbacks of developers seriously. There are so many features that are requested by the developers. Don’t wait, Start to upgrade your React native framework.