Their critic reviews are nothing by woke garbage that gives anything with even a hint of idenity politics and or progressiveness their seal of approval. Look at Joker and then compare batwoman. Also do the same with Amy Schumer vs Dave Chapelle. Hell, look at Sonic which has a high audience score but low critic score. Showing the critics sad attempt at trying to promote birds of prey, which sonic beat by a landslide. Anything even with nothing to do with political bullshit like sonic is shit on due to them trying to push opposing woke films like birds of prey.The critics probably are either paid to give anything woke or far left a decent review and vice versa, or they are just deranged. Also I wouldn’t put it past the site itself to also be altering score percentages. Long story short if you feel you must check a films ratings with Rotten Tomatoes, go by the audience score and forget the critic score even exists.