Show HN: Uni Beta – a decision making platform for teams
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Hey HN! – As you go into the weekend check out Uni (, we recently came out of closed beta and are excited to share what we’ve built to help remote teams involve the right people from their teams to make smart decisions!

We’re an early-stage spinout from Cornell Tech and we see decision making as a natural wedge to actualizing inclusion within companies. Since there are no go-to products out there which facilitate this process fully, decision makers often-times become overwhelmed and frustrated with including people in their decision process resulting in an exclusive culture.

Uni helps decision makers bring in their teams into private spaces where everyone can share, discuss, and build up the ideas needed to make smart decisions. Uni’s Momentum Engine also keeps track of when decisions need to be made and reaches out to people via Slack, email, or push notification to help engage the people needed to get to a smart decision.

Feedback is always welcome, we are particularly interested in how we can extend our integration support to make Uni fit into your existing work-stacks!

We also put together some starter templates to make things easy!

Stay safe and have an awesome weekend!


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