Tastemade UK is prioritizing linear TV for distributing its shows by expanding its partnership with ad-supported streaming platform, Samsung TV Plus.

Globally, Tastemade said it reaches 120 million monthly TV viewers via its 24-hour channel — launched 16 months ago — on platforms like Samsung TV Plus, YouTube TV and Roku. Samsung is the biggest in terms of viewers, watch time and revenue, according to the publisher. Samsung TV Plus is also appealing because audiences don’t need to pay for content and the service comes pre-installed on newer TVs. Agency sources estimate Samsung has over 4 million smart TVs in the U.K.

“We have the reach and scale for this to be very meaningful,” said Mohammed Ali Salha, Tastemade’s managing director for Europe. “View time is the metric we’ll be looking at the most, people are watching for an hour or two hours, it’s not for seconds like on platform news feeds. Previously, we haven’t had a true place for this content to sit and for the audience to keep coming back.”

Fewer than half of the shows will be created by teams in the London headquarters, with the rest coming from Tastemade’s global teams. U.K. franchises include “West is Best,” a series looking at hidden gems from London’s most-coveted neighborhoods, “Struggle Meals” featuring recipes that don’t break the bank, and “Broken Bread” which explores social-justice issues facing the broken food system.

“There is a huge opportunity to reach light TV viewers and [it] could work well as a complementary strand on a linear TV plan for one of our clients,” he said. Advertisers can target audiences based on viewing behavior, provided they have opted-in. Part of the appeal of TV manufacturers like Samsung owning the services is that it has insight into the audience’s linear TV habits through automatic content recognition.

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