Microsoft Surface Duo. (Microsoft Image)

Microsoft is back in the smartphone business with the unveiling of its new Surface Duo dual-screen folding device this week. It’s a fascinating story all on its own, as the company finally goes public with a concept it has been experimenting with behind-the-scenes for much of the past decade. Surprise twist: It runs Android.

But combined with the larger Surface Neo dual-screen tablet/notebook, the story is much bigger. Microsoft is trying to take the lead in a new category of computing, while expanding beyond Windows to focus on apps and experiences across a range of devices. The story will play out over the next year and beyond. The devices aren’t set to come out until holiday 2020. managing editor Taylor Soper and I share our reactions to the news on this episode of the Podcast, and ask the all-important question, is Microsoft cool again?

Plus, a Seattle startup debuts a new pizza-making robot, and we nerd out on the new version of Flight Simulator, which is getting a boost from AI and the cloud, and modern satellite imagery.

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