Top Salespeople, if you had to go back in time and train your younger self to be as good a you are now, how would you do it?

Starting with zero knowledge of sales. You have 10 days to do it. You are allowed to make them dedicate up to 16 hours of their day to making it to happen.

I would teach myself slowdown and listen to what the other person is really saying.

I would also teach myself rapport.

Seems like the more I listen, the more rapport I develop.

The 4 P’s – Pause, Paraphrase, Probe, and Provide

I would also teach myself a lot about organization and planning.

Public speaking training – how-and-what to do and what not to do

Emotional Intelligence – Read EI 1.0/2.0 and practice it.

Take notes, follow-up, never let a deal go until you’ve absolutely lost.

Incumbents and new implementations alike, shit can go wrong and sometimes all you need is that one chance.

Teach myself to build value for the customer rather than the product

Slow down. If you think you’re going too slow, slow down some more.

Be a human being. Your prospects are human just like you. Be a human being with them.

Be direct about if you can solve their problem. Be direct about the fact that you will ask them for money to do so.

I started a small, hand painted Greeting Card business and I am going to try and sell directly to retailers tomorrow
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Good luck!! I’m rooting for you!

I’m worried about the scalability of your business model. While your cards are certainly beautiful I expect the cards available at gift shops to be one of their higher margin goods especially ones that carry “meh” cards. Retailers want repeatable SKUs to restock. I think your artisan products are more suited for online shoppers looking for premium cards so perhaps something like an Etsy and Shopify store will be more suitable for you.

Business owners, why don’t you all have grownup email addresses?
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I’m going through business cards my wife picked up at a business expo and I can’t believe how many gmail and yahoo email addresses I’m seeing.

I used to think that, until I owned my own business. Saying your email out is so so much harder with unusual domains. For some reason people really really struggle after the @ sign.

So I have both, and depends on who I talk to tells me which one to give out

Agreed, as an IT service provider, it’s almost always on our upgrade list. But yes, embarrassing how many professional services in our region are running hotmail or yahoo addresses…

SDRs, this is how you ‘add value’
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I read the title and expected the worst, this was a pleasant surprise. Good job

I love this, I’m gonna share this with my SDRs tomorrow.

Sell your tactical and actionable knowledge, not a product. Awesome!

A great method to get VP level and above prospects talking
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“Tell me about the risks and challenges you are facing over the next 3-6 months.”

Google removiung self-serving reviews for LocalBusiness and Organization schema
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“Reviews that can be perceived as “self-serving” aren’t in the best interest of users.

Google Makes Big Change to Nofollow, Introduces 2 New Link Attributes
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