I’m not talking about musicals. I’m talking about regular shows like Greys Anatomy that have a random musical episode every now and then. I don’t think that I can adequately express how irritated I get when I settle down to watch an episode of a series I’m really into, and then they start bursting into song every 5 minutes. It’s annoying and it’s cringey. I mean they’re either changing the lyrics of well known songs to fit the script, or they’re singing songs that vaguely relate to what’s going on in the show. Whats worse is that you can’t skip the episode because often big things happen in that episode that affect the rest of the season, so I end up having to torture myself and watch it.To me, theres nothing worse than seeing “non-broadway” actors trying to sing and dance and look natural. Usually their singing is terrible, or they’re dubbed over and it’s obvious and their dancing is just awkward. Also, if I wanted to watch a musical, I would.

Edit: for clarification, I’m not only talking about Greys Anatomy, it was just the first example that came to mind.

Also, a lot of people are saying that “this isn’t an unpopular opinion”, I think that it is because everyone agrees that musical episodes suck and then says “except for…” Granted, I haven’t watched every example listed but I’ve watched Scrubs, House, HIMYM, Lucifer, Riverdale, The Office, Psych, The Good Fight and I have not enjoyed ANY of their musical episodes.