While in high school I figured out a way to get out of punishments from my written referrals.

During the mornings at my school they would call your name over the loud speaker to report to the cafeteria if you had been “written up” the previous day. In the cafeteria is where the principle and a few assistant principals would be waiting to call you up one by one, listen to your side of the story, and then decide your punishment. During my junior year in high school I realized there was always at least one principle not present in the cafeteria. My guess is there was always one doing other duties or just not needed. Or maybe they were on a rotation. One morning I decided to tell the principle that called me up that “I had already talked to Mr./Mrs. “Absent Principal” and they told me to bring my referral to them when I was called up.” Surprisingly, they handed me my referral and sent me on my way to settle it with whoever was the principal not present in the cafeteria. I took the referal towards the school offices to sell my intentions. As soon as I was out of sight…. into the book bag it went. I returned to class with the evidence of my bad behavior from the day before and nothing ever came of it.

From that day forward, I went through high school almost fearless of repercussion, as this technique worked everytime. One day I used this technique and the principal handed me my whole disciplinary folder, never to be seen by them again.

Im 33 now and still have the folder with all of my referrals inside. A nice little keepsake. I hope my kids never find it.