When you show me your dog the first thing I generally do it pet it or compliment it. I do not ask you if your dog is a boy or a girl. So, if I refer to she as he or vise verse you should not get upset or mad at me for not knowing what genitals your dog has. This goes for cats too. You also shouldn’t get upset when it’s an animal that it’s hard to tell the gender of like a snake. Animals have zero ideas what I just called it something it’s not. I could refer to my dog as a cat all day long, and she would not have a clue.

Also, it is okay to correct someone. You can just be like oh she’s a girl. Instead of getting an offended look on your face and telling me with a disgusted tone she’s a girl!

I feel like this effects me more than it should since I work at an animal clinic. I’m not the vet so I shouldn’t be obligated to know your pets gender unless I am helping the vet with your pet.